Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Turn data into intelligence and actionable insights

Advanced analytics are creating profound new opportunities for businesses, yet according to several studies only 4% of companies are able to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage.

Our experts will use technology, proven frameworks and tools and domain expertise to turn problems into successful business outcomes, delivering data visualization, enterprise data management, business intelligence and data analytic solutions under one umbrella

Our Approach:

  1. Discovery Explore your data
  2. Design & Development
  3. Delivery & Maintenance

Case Study

Recommendation System

Recommendation system is a subclass of information filtering system that seek to predict the “rating” or “preference” that a user would give to an item. This type of systems have been utilized in a variety of areas: some popular applications include movies, music, news, books, research articles, search queries, social tags, and products in general. There are also recommender systems for experts, collaborators jokes, restaurants, garments, financial services, insurance, romantic partners.

Success Story we built:

Steam Gaming Recommendation System

Robo-Advisor (Investment Consulting based on Lending Club)           


is an industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services, enable provision of financial services (through utilization of technology) or drive technological innovation in provision of financial services. Financial technology companies are startups or already established technology companies trying to replace or enhance the usage of financial services of incumbent companies.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a key activity for businesses which don’t involve online sales or a long-buying process. For example, sale of a B2B service or a complex or high-value consumer item.
Successful online lead generation has understanding of the prospects needs at it’s heart. This is combined with a clear process to maximise conversion to lead. Analytics can help make this process more efficient through testing different messages and offers to increase conversion rates to lead.
Key techniques to improve online lead-generation are:

  • Landing page optimisation
  • Multichannel interactions like call-back and chat
  • Event-triggered or behavioural emails to follow-up initial contact
  • Enewsletters to educate prospects about your brand and deliver relevant offers to encourage conversion